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A leading name in the IT industry in Sri Lanka today, our Company - The Debug Group was founded in 1989, at a time of great development in the IT sector in the country. Catering to the growing demand for computer peripherals of reputed quality, our business grew from strength to strength - gaining in reputation as a provider committed to high standards and service. We continue to play a major role by offering responsible distribution of high quality IT products and introducing new standards in sales and servicing. Over the years, diversification has seen us expand our business to several areas in the IT sector and also out of it - such as; Power, Renewable Energy, Printing, Advertising as well as automotive services for instance.

Our company focuses on 3 primary growth areas: sustainability, continuous improvement and business excellence. Our future progress and success is harnessed through sustainability in terms of financial stability and diversification. Continuous progress, we see as our lifeblood which drives us towards achieving ever furthering horizons. We are also deeply committed to business excellence, through consistently bettering our response times and service levels. Our highly trained team of marketers and service personnel are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of competitiveness and quality. Operating in a company culture that is open, dynamic and innovative - constantly searching for new challenges, the commitment of our staff is the key to our growth and success. Their initiatives and expertise has enabled us to reach the top rankings and will continue to propel our progress in the future.