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About Debug

Welcome to Debug Group

Welcome to Debug Group

In 1989, Colombo’s rapidly progressing IT industry saw the birth of an organisation aptly named Debug Computer Peripherals. This new organization was committed to supporting the growing demand for computer peripherals of reputed quality

Since then Debug has played a major role in helping to shape the role of responsible distribution of high quality IT products by introducing a new standard in the sale and servicing of such items.

Our Companies

Bringing the advanced technology of the world’s best known IT brands to our customers.

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Our Customers

Strategic Consultancy

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Media and Influencer

Business hours

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7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm
7am – 6pm

Branch Network

Branch Network

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Debug Group of Companies is united as one family with a common vision. We commenced operations in 1988 as a small business venture, and today , have grown and flourished to be one of the leading providers of technology to the nation. We have been accepted as one of the most trusted and dependable technological partners in Sri Lanka. We are also recognized for our expertise in innovation and creativity.

Moiz Najmudeen

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